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Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting

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Here at Premier Soccer Chat, we offer a lot of soccer betting related content. As mentioned here, our predictions are primarily about providing in-depth analysis, not predicting an accurate result, and as such they should not be taken too seriously. Soccer is a complex, unpredictable game. Unexpected events and unforeseen variables are inevitable.

If you’re serious about betting on soccer, we’ve compiled some resources that we hope will be useful.


Soccer Betting Sites Available to U.S. Residents

Betting on soccer in the U.S.A. can be particularly difficult. There are limited services available to U.S. residents. We’ve put together a list of some soccer betting sites that allow U.S. residents to place wagers.





Soccer Betting Sites for Those outside the U.S.A.

Non-U.S. resident have significantly more options. Here are several services that offer online soccer betting in many parts of the world outside the U.S.

Bet 365


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William Hill
William Hill


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Coral Sports


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